a.Insulation:continuous thermal insulation can prevent hot and cold bridge. Energy-saving effect is superb.

 b.Heat proof:air layer takes the sun’s heat absorbed by the walls.

 c.Earthquake:The strong steel structure is integrated as a whole, and not easy to collapse. It is capable to resist strong earthquakes.

 d.Noise proof:compound wall can reduce noise effectively because sound is attenuated when passing different materials.

 e.Fire proof:incombustible materials and plasterboards are used to form firewalls.

 f.Fast:fast design, fast production, rapid assembly, rapid installation, and quick decoration.

 g.Precision:fully computer controlled so error in length is between 0 - 1mm.

 h.Thin wall:increase the use of space.

 i.Shape:roof truss can be easily applied in various shapes of buildings, and roof space is also usable.

 j.Light:Weight of a house is 1/5th -1/6th of a steel concrete structure, so it reduces construction costs.

 k.Durable:The special anti-rust surface treatment on steel can guarantee quality in long-term.

 l.Environmental protection:steel is recyclable and renewable resource, in line with the philosophy of environmental protection.

 m.Pipeline:a variety of pipelines can be installed in walls, floor beams and roof trusses.

 n.Scaffolding:outer scaffolding is unnecessary when constructing, it makes installation easy and quick.

 o.Frame section:the complete structure, including the stairs uses same kind of steel. This simplifies preparation, and classification.

 p.Space:Lots of space can be realized, in order to re-create the conditions for housing layout.

 q.Production:frames can be produced in a factory and transported to the construction site or manufactured on the construction site.

 r.Accessories:components are mostly joint via flat surfaces. It does not require connectors, which simplifies preparation and installation.

 s.Variable cross-section beam:toilets, indoor balcony terrace can be below ground to prevent water to flow to the indoor.

 t.Screw:installation and construction using steel rivets and flat head screw simplifies preparation and classification.

 u.Combination of forces:the frames 3C and 4C combination ensures stability.

 v.Cross-up:cross-up enhances the overall strength, and it also provides conditions for decoration.

 w.Installation:Housing construction crane is not needed for installation.

 x.Construction:workers only need Pneumatic Riveter and electric screwdriver to install, no training is required.

 y.Usage of steel:15 ~ 25kg per square meter, decoration frames are not needed.

 z.Cost:only 200 to 300 yuan per square meter.



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