A、Steel housing frames manufacturing, assembling and installation

   We can provide the design, construction design, plant production, on-site construction and installation. We can also be in accordance with the requirements of customers, providing the main structure or rough housing project in order to reduce the construction costs.


B、Materials and accessories

   We can provide professional builders, and foreign clients with a full set of housing materials, including structural frames, accessories, both inside and outside decoration materials, water and electricity materials, equipments, furniture and so on. We can also be in accordance with the customer based on local conditions, to provide some of the supporting materials. Customers may purchase other materials locally in order to save logistics costs.


C、Training and guidance

   We can provide customers with the technical training, or to send technicians to guide the installation so we ensure that after-sales service and technical extension services are delivered.


D、R & D and extension

   We will continue to optimise the design of light steel housing structure, improve the construction process, adopt new technology and new materials, in line with the introduction of a variety of consumer-level products.


E、Technology transfer

   In order to speed up the introduction of light steel housing structure technologies, we can wish to provide construction services, technology and equipments to people who are interested.

F、Marketing Network Management

   We welcome all to join our marketing network for the development and prosperity of steel structure construction industry and make its due contributions.

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