The Beijing Dong Fang Jiu Long Decoration Ltd. was established in 1988. The company has world-class steel housing frame production line and the most advanced technology. Products are manufactured with modern manufacturing industry standards to ensure great accuracy and excellent quality. The products can be widely used for both residential and commercial purposes such as residential houses, tourist vocational villages, nursing homes, hotels, supermarkets, offices or convention centres. It can also be used in building alterations such as roofing, adding extra building outer layers, protection walls.

    While we are widening the domestic business, products are also exported to overseas countries such as Angola; Zimbabwe; Bahamas; Nigeria; Mozambique; Australia; South Korea; Russia; Ukraine; Georgia; Kyrgyzstan; and etc.
    We sincerely hope to cooperate with you, and provide you with top quality project design, structure design, supply of housing system related products, construction management and more.
    Jiulong's staff is ready to cooperate with all sectors of society to work together for the steel construction industry development and prosperity and make its due contributions.

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